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We have a link to articles to share training, help information and support articles for the Shooting World.

Visual Acuity

The following article was submited by Jeff Winstead Being able to see clearly is a central element of being able to shoot well. While that’s a pretty obvious statement, a lot of shooters need to address it. The physiological facts of how your eyes see...

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Prepping the Trigger

Article contributed by Randy Dillman. This is the first of what will hopefully be a long line of articles that will be aimed at teaching some of the proper techniques for competitive shooting and some of the “why” behind it. This first article...

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Our Reptilian Brain – “Just Do It”.

The last article “Prepping the Trigger” helped you practice making your shots hit where you wanted them by teaching you how our body works and how our shooting is affected by that knowledge.  In keeping with the intent of these articles aimed...

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Lessons Learned for Safe Shooting

Over the course of the past five years, I have been managing IDPA Practice matches on Monday nights under Team Trainwreck and Premier Action Shooting Sports.  One of our primary goals is to promote IDPA shooting.  On my web site I have posted...

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